Why Hullabaloo?

hul·la·ba·loo  noun, a commotion; a fuss. hubbub, ruckus, brouhaha

Hullabaloo just sounds like a good time doesn't it? And we promise you a good time oh…and also...

unparalleled service. extraordinary attention to detail. discretion. grace. creativity. 

Hullabaloo is an Event Design & Production Company located in sunny Southern California. We offer our clients event design, logistics, creative direction, sourcing (props, rentals), expert vendor curation, location scouting, event styling, and complete event management.

Every event we create is as unique as our clients. To that end, we pride ourselves on thoughtfulness. We create flawless events that give voice to your authenticity and style, melding the old with the new, traditional with modern, whimsy grounded in real world dynamics. We'll help you create a spectacular party and enjoy the ride.

We deliver a full service experience. So trust us with everything. You'll be glad you did.