Summer Simmons - Founder and Lead Designer


I love a good party! I love them so much, I've made it my life's work. Before founding Hullabaloo Event Design, I worked for the hospitality industry and then transitioned to film production, producing music video's & commercials. After I planned my very first event, a wrap party, that was it. I was hooked.

If you can imagine it, I can create it. I love my clients and I'll do anything for them. I design each event to be thoughtful, curated, unique, personal and flawlessly executed. I've found the only way to achieve that is that ancient mysterious art of listening. 

No event is created alone and I work with a team of creative wonders who constantly make my jaw drop with their creations. Our design sensibility is the world and the world is a big beautiful place. We are local. We are global. We are design ninja's (we wear all black and you don't see us coming).

 Our work is not done until I hear peals of laughter, sighs of delight and gasps of wonder. The events we create together, will be perfect because they'll be yours!

I'm a natural producer. I love making lists (and crossing them off). My favorite part of any event is creating all the tiny details that take an event from ordinary to extraordinary.

I'm addicted to Netflix, travel, taco tuesdays and Champagne. If I'm not working, you could find me at the beach, on a hike, or shopping for shoes. I can't wait to meet you!



Summer Simmons